Dentist in Annapolis, MD
Emily is the Front Office Assistant for Dr. Kim Ross. She is an honor student studying clinical assisting. She is here to pursue her passion for dentistry. She enjoys hula hooping and dance parties during her spare time.


Dentist in Annapolis, MD
Meghan is the office manager at Dr. Kim Ross’ practice. She studied clinical assisting/radiology in Arnold, Maryland. In her spare time she enjoys helping out at a ladies boutique in Downtown Annapolis and playing video games. She aspires to someday become a Pokémon Master.


Kelsey is the Dental Assistant for Dr. Kim Ross. She is currently studying Dental Assisting and Radiology. She enjoys mystery books and swimming.


Alexis is the Dental Assistant for Dr. Kim Ross. She’s always had a passion for dentistry since she was a little girl. She graduated from the Dental Assisting program in 2016 at Anne Arundel Community College and loves traveling and sun bathing on the beach.


Jessica is the Dental/Front Office Assistant for Dr. Kim Ross. She graduated from the dental assissting dental assisting program at Center of applied technology, I enjoy researching new studies for modern medicine in any and all health care professions, in my spare time I love to express myself through art such as painting drawing sculpting ect. Mostly doing whatever I can to be productive and creative.