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Our Mission

As a team of dental health care professionals, our mission is to excel in customer service. We carry this out with a spirit of caring that promotes healing. We achieve this by caring for the entire well being of each person. Also by continuing to educate ourselves and others.

This is our gift to our community.

Meet the Staff

Dr. Kim Ross

Dr. Kim M. Ross is recognized by her colleagues as an “Artist of Dentistry”;  naturally going the extra step to make your dental experience a pleasant one. She has a real eye for detail and attended programs in Florida and Seattle, WA. Dr. Ross is a 1992 graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina, College of Dental Medicine.


Dr. Ross is affiliated with the Academy of General Dentistry. She specializes in rejuvenating adult smiles, regularly participates in continuing education programs to bring you the most current technology for the most advanced dentistry available.


Originally from upstate New York, Dr Ross moved to Annapolis after graduating from dental school and has maintained a fee for service, private practice since opening in 1993.


Dr. Ross enjoys spending time with her Yorkie pups Kitty and Gracie, outdoor adventures and flying single engine airplanes. Her most recent hobby is international travel, (be sure to ask her which is her favorite mode of transportation.)

Personal questions:

What should one do first thing in the morning? Be thankful.

Favorite hobbies? Home improvements and yard work.

Favorite holiday? Halloween.

Favorite drink? Coffee.

Favorite European country? Turkey.

Favorite transportation? Flying.

Favorite cheat food? Nachos.

Favorite person? Twin sister.

Favorite plant? Palm trees.

What is the most amount of item in your pantry? Dog food.



Jared is our Office Manager here at Dr. Ross’s practice. He joined our practice with experience in larger organizations and now finds private practice to be a pleasant work environment. He is here to welcome you. His passion is learning how everything works together and this makes him an amazing fit with everyone. Jared continues to attend college working towards his Master’s Degree. When he is not in the classroom he spends his free time volunteering at church and the local community centers.

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