If you are looking forward to the start of Oktoberfest but it isn’t getting here fast enough for you, then you will want to mark your calendar for September 7th each year. That’s National Beer Lover’s Day, the day set aside to appreciate the people who appreciate good brews. There are a number of craft breweries that put on special events to commemorate the occasion, and some even create special brews for their customers.

Appreciating a Tradition of Small Batch Brewing

There’s very little information available about when this day was first adopted, but there is ample historical evidence that brewing has a history older than even human writing. The first evidence of brewery pits in the Middle East date back more than 5000 years, and the tradition of making lightly alcoholic beverages for both the calories and the preservative and antiseptic qualities of alcohol is well-remembered in many cultures.

Many of America’s founding fathers also participated in the tradition of brewing beer, including George Washington and William Penn. Even if you don’t imbibe, appreciating the history and the tradition of the brewery is an important part of appreciating human social history.

Drinking and Oral Health

If you decide to treat yourself to the best the craft brewing industry has to offer, you need to remember that alcohol can be a contributing cause to oral health issues like dry salivary glands and receding gums if you drink to excess. The sugars in many craft beers can also pose the same risks to your teeth that sugary drinks like juice and soda pose.

If you are a regular participant in the beer appreciation community, you will want to make sure you make timely appointments with your dentist in Annapolis, MD to keep your oral health in check. All it takes is one call to our office and you can set up your next cleaning.